Odor be gone!


There is always a certain smell around the garbage can no matter how often we take the trash out and how much wiping we do around the can.

I wonder if this Simplehuman activated carbon filter will help at all. I might have to pick a few of these up.

simplehuman carbon filter

Update: 8/25 – I  bought a pack of these yesterday and they seem to be working good. You have to ensure that the lid of your trash can is a flat surface so the double-sided tape will hold on tight to it.


  1. I actually use my coffee grinds (after brewing) as a garden fertilizer, but I take some of it and pour it over the garbage or over the green garbage (we separate garbage here in Germany ;) ), to prevent funny smells.
    A cup of fresh coffee grinds also soaks up odour in the fridge, by the way.
    And the best — 100% bio-degradable!

  2. Those filters look promising. I should place one in the kitchen and in the bathroom, to take care of that special diaper-y smell.

  3. Cool.. i’ll get one too.. :)

  4. I just bought these! I think that they’re working so far. I love that you can recharge them by putting them in the sun.

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