Still making our own traditions

Before we got married, Mike and I were so excited about starting our own traditions. We’ve been fairly successful along the way despite several moves, but it had gotten easier since we are now settled in Seattle. There is a sort of permanence which comes with roots and even though they are still shallow roots, they make it easier to start traditions.

One example: going to the symphony. To make things better, we have found the perfect spot to have a great meal before those concerts. Steelhead Diner has become a quick favorite – a casual dining spot close enough to Benaroya Hall, with amazing food made with the freshest ingredients.

I could let the reviews speak for themselves, but I insist on describing the last meal I had there. It was the special du jour.

Petrale sole fillets, lightly floured and pan-fried, topped with a flavorful garlic-tinged sauce with cranberry beans and sauteed spinach chiffonade with fresh diced tomatoes.


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