Homemade Tomato Sauce

Homemade Tomato Sauce

I cannot believe that I am showing you a picture from the inside of my freezer. As you might notice, there are some strangely wrapped packets in there (there are notes on the Flickr pic).

I had a shorter than usual day yesterday so I came home and decided to make some tomato sauce. I had been wanting to do so since I saw Molly’s post. Like Molly, I had never made tomato sauce in my kitchen. Mike has tried AB’s recipe but I wanted to try my hand at it. There’s nothing more comforting and delicious than pasta tossed in well-made tomato sauce.

Since I had a 102 oz monster can of whole tomatoes, I quadrupled the recipe and added a few of my own touches (shallots and garlic slivers). I am sharing the smaller recipe because it is a good portion for 1 lb of pasta.

Tomato Sauce with Onion & Butter
Adapted from Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, by Marcella Hazan

2 cups whole, peeled, canned plum tomatoes, chopped, with their juices (about one 28-oz. can)
5 Tbsp. unsalted butter
1 medium yellow onion, peeled and cut in half
Salt, to taste

Combine the tomatoes, their juices, the butter, and the onion halves in a medium saucepan. Add a pinch or two of salt. Place over medium heat and bring to a simmer. Cook, uncovered, at a very slow but steady simmer, adjusting the heat as necessary, for about 45 minutes, or until droplets of fat float free from the tomato. Stir occasionally, mashing any large pieces of tomato with the back of a wooden spoon. Taste and salt as needed.

Discard the onion before tossing the sauce with pasta.


  1. mlle a.

    I made tomatoe sauce when my three tomatoe plants started flinging fruits left and right last summer, and when there was more than could possibly go into the daily salad… 🙂 Homemade tomatoe sauce really is a whole different world!

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