My friends, it has been such a long time since I’ve said “Hello”. Not just to report about a certain trip, a certain event, a new taste or a current favorite. I wanted to let you know that even though it’s been a while, I do think of you ever so often. It’s a new year and I thought I would take a few moments to share about life with me.

The daily grind at work has been growing longer but there is hope that our project will likely end on time and the work would be appreciated. This only means that the next couple of weeks will be more gruelling. I believe that I have taken it in stride and will continue on that path until it is done. I’ve not been one who runs away even though on days like today, the temptation is great. I’ve been lucky to meet people who bear witness to my ability to rise above it all.

We are having a cold snap here in the PNW. Last week, I thought Old Man Winter was retreating but alas, I was mistaken. He still owns January and most of February. The sun however, has been showing up earlier in the day and leaving a little later than it did last week.

My parents celebrate their 38th year together tomorrow (today for them) – Happy Anniversary you both, you are always an inspiration to us!

Chinese New Year is around the corner. The red bits on my Singaporean Flickr contacts page remind me of that. My heart yearns to travel home. This is the year of the Rat, my animal in the zodiac. I hope it is lucky for most!

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Hey..Stef,
    Thanks for taking time to update.. 🙂 we understand.. so no worries. Happy Anniversary to your parents.. 🙂 And as for longing to go home.. i feel the same. So i understand.. *hugs*

  2. theresa

    Many thanks to both Mike & you for the anniversary card. Though so tied up with works, you never failed send us one each year.

    Love you very much and I know we miss each other, esp. on festive season like CNY….the reunion dinner.

    thanks Mama Bok

  3. Cin

    Happy belated 38th anniversary Uncle & Auntie!!! Congrats & many more years to come.

    Yes…. wish as much U’re back to celebrate CNY. Missing U much, U knw???

  4. glad you checked in and that all is well..though cold. We will get to about 20 today brrrrr. Stay warm and get your rest when you can. Spring is coming……..really!

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