1. Oh, yummy! I have fond memories of those too; we used to get them form neighbors as Christmas gifts. I love the ones that look like pretzels!

  2. Cin

    Oh yes!! Nostalgic Danish cookies. Heh, my personal fav are the Sugared Pretzel ones & the Snail shaped ones.

    Somehow, I like de idea that there’s 2 layers of cookies in the tin. Guess, it makes me happy knowing that there’s still more cookies beneath once done wif the top layer. 8p

  3. o how funny! those remind me so much of my childhood as well! we always had them around the house after visitors came by to see my grandma or parents. i always ate the rectangle sugar covered ones as well as the pretzel knot shaped ones.

  4. cindy

    I love the way they melt in your mouth! I just bought some Pepperidge Farm Chessmen and they don’t compare. I like the snail and sugared pretzels.

  5. OMG. That’s so weird you posted this. I LOVE these cookies (from my childhood too!) and have bought the “fake” ones here. But they don’t have the raisins…

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