First Harvests

Ambassador Zucchini

We have 3 Ambassador Zucchini plants and so far, we have harvested 6 zucchini/squash/courgettes of about 4-6″ long. I like to harvest them at that size because they are still tender and tasty. These are my first zucchini plants and I think the bush habit of these are great for a smaller space.

First Sweet 100's

Two weeks ago, I thought my tomato plant was going to give up its ghost and join my previous sad tomato plants but look what I found today – my first Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes. Next year, I’m trying this contraption – Wall O’ Water Plant Protector.


  1. My heirloom tomato plant is so confused by this weather. It’s still flowering. I’m hoping it’ll put something out before Fall arrives. I harvested all my basil though. My green onions are really tiny and need more time and green peppers are still itty bitty.

  2. Ooooo I have never tried to plant Zucchini. and my tomato plants are always dying on me. So hopefully this round I will have something to show.

    They say that you can fry and eat the zucchini flower. Is that true? What did you do with your harvest?

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