5 thoughts on “Chapchae/Japchae”

  1. Oooooh! My mom makes chopchay (my hacked spelling of it) too! I have successfully recreated it a few times. I’ve had it at a couple restaurants but it’s never as good as my Korean mom’s recipe!

  2. Ooohh! I simply LOVE anything dat’s Glass Noodles. U know it’s not easy to stir fry Glass Noodles.(as they tend to stick together & become clumpy)Fm yr pics, I can tell U did an excellent job! Yums!

  3. Cin: It’s not glass noodles, it’s sweet potato noodles. Thicker than regular glass noodles and chewier. It’s not commonly found in SG. I think my mum had to go to Chinatown to find it.

    Ljc: I’m sure your mom’s recipe must be the best! Would you share it some time?

    Shawn: Did you make it yet?

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