Mad About You

mad about you

I’ve been watching old Mad About You episodes lately. I remember that I loved the episodes and watched it while in college, single but seeing someone seriously. The show was an interesting reference point about a newly married experience. I always thought it was sweet how they were neurotic about so many things but yet seem to adore each other.

So… now you know what I’ve been up to while I’ve been remiss in posting here.


  1. Ohh, me too. I loved the dog walker! I saw Helen Hunt on the Bonnie Hunt talk show the other day, man she looks so good and is just so classy!!

    Enjoy the walk down memory lane!

  2. I just adored that show. It was awesome. We never missed it! Helen Hunt is one of my very favorite actresses. Jill is right ~ she is *so* classy (and gorgeous!). I hated the way “Mad About You” ended, though. It was *so* sad. 🙁

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