Our little backyard

Backyard - Jun 21, 2009

When I looked out the back room windows this weekend, I saw this. Our little backyard. We have worked many hours in the garden to get it to this point. It is almost where I want it to be, the final piece of lawn needs to be replaced with gravel. And we need to get a firepit.

If I must say so, it is beautiful.

Before the growing season started and I was in such a seed starting frenzy, I had visions of a lush backyard. I didn’t know that I would be looking at it now.

I have Mike to thank for the raised bed and the heavy lifting. Mostly, I have K to thank for her creative hands, strong back, patience and company. We spent many hours bringing it all together, so I hope she comes back soon so she can share in the fruits of her labor.

“No man is poor who has friends.”

I’m a lucky girl. Lucky and grateful.


  1. I love love love your garden. I am also trying to jump start my backyard but unfortunately we do not have that much space and lawn for a garden like that.


  2. Jeanette

    Hi Stef,

    This is such a gorgeous backyard. Not sure if you remember me, I’m a friend of Michelle Tung and from Singapore too!

    We used to live in Redmond but bought a house in Issaquah last year. I have to say yardwork is hard work. I seem to be spending lots of time weeding and it never seems to end.

  3. Sharon

    That’s so pretty! I can just imagine you sitting there with a book and a cup of tea. :O) We might be moving soon and I am looking forward to having a place with a yard, or at least a roof top garden. It would be great for the kids to run around in and we can have a small blow up pool too.

  4. That is REALLY gorgeous. I’d love for our yard to look like that. GOOD WORK, guys. It’s beautiful. I hope to hear more details about it in the future! 🙂

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