Greenview Restoran @ Petaling Jaya

A long awaited food post!

First of all, I’m settling back in Scarlett. I’ve missed her but I wouldn’t trade the trip home for anything. It was a superb time, a little eye-opening at times but I cherish all of it.

While I was home, my cousin K planned a really fun road trip up to KL and Malacca (Melaka). The 7 of us hopped in a minivan and off we went. The most fun times were those on the road – when you’re in a vehicle together, you are almost forced to interact or you could just snooze.

Some big thanks to Chowhound, I was able to point us in the right direction during meal times. One of the more memorable meals was this one at Greenview. It’s in Petaling Jaya just outside of KL but we got lost in the dark and it took us quite a while to find the place. In the end, it was still worth it, the food was delicious and fellow road trippers went home with happy tummies.

Here’s what we had:

KL & Melaka Roadtrip April 2010

Sang Hang Meen (Prawn Noodles) – the prawns were huge and so good, and that eggy gravy, scrummy!

KL & Melaka Roadtrip April 2010

Baby Romaine Lettuce sauteed in Fu Yu (Fermented Bean Curd) – new favorite veggie dish

KL & Melaka Roadtrip April 2010

Homemade Tofu – looks plain but very flavorful

KL & Melaka Roadtrip April 2010

Marmite Pork Ribs – who knew Marmite could do such wonders?

KL & Melaka Roadtrip April 2010

Honey Squid – perfectly sweet and salty.

KL & Melaka Roadtrip April 2010

Salted Egg Crab – so rich and delicious.

Greenview Restaurant

No. 6 & 8 Jalan 19/3
46300 Petaling Jaya
Hrs: 11am to 11pm

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  1. Yum! Especially those top few and the squid. Though I can see how marmite would be a good barbeque-type substance. Is that bitter melon on the tofu?
    Can I tell you how much I love the fact that you’re living on this side of the world, but you showed up there with restaurant recommendations.

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