Since I’ve been home, fatigue and bad weather has been keeping me away from my garden. Yesterday afternoon when the sun peeked out over the city, I found enough energy to go outside to inspect my long neglected garden.

I have much weeding and cutting back to do but my garden still surprised me. I found that my fig tree is now taller than my back fence. I brought it home 4 years ago as a tiny plant and now it’s grown up. I’m looking forward to seeing it fill out but first, I need to tame that euphorbia that is invading its personal space.

My Japanese maple is flourishing as well. Much taller and with beautiful dark red leaves.

The climbing hydrangea that I was certain, would succumb to this insect eating holes in its leaves, is now 2/3 of the way up the trellis.

My rose plants are also bursting with gorgeous blooms of copper, peach and vermilion.

The rhubarb has also returned looking healthy, I think next spring I’ll have my very own rhubarb. Can’t wait to make me some pie.

One of the plants that has really come into its own is the Elderberry. Its dark maple-like leaves and little pink flowers catch my eye every time I walk in from the car.

Wondering how my stock tanks up front are doing? One of them is filled with strawberry plants – can’t wait to pick those tiny berries. They are the best tasting strawberries I’ve ever eaten. Another is filled with crocosmia that is now returning. They will look spectacular come August. The last one is a blank slate that I am planning to fill with chives, dill, basil, thyme and savory.

My garden has been forgiving while I’ve been gone, I think it’s time for me to return some of that love.

[I promise some pictures soon.]

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