Scarlett sparkles in the sun

She sparkles, this house of mine, especially in the sunshine.

Since I returned after spring, I have been missing out on some gardening time. The rainy cooler climes we have been experiencing however, does not make me feel so delayed. I was able to get out this past Saturday to weed my entire yard as well as the planting bed. This afternoon, I spent a little more time planting some seeds. I skipped the spring crops and went right into the summer crops – some zucchini, squash, basil, dill, cucumber and greens. I might get one or two tomato starts from the store and see how they fare this summer. Last year was a spectacular year for tomatoes here in the PNW.

I am also finding myself back to blogging since I have some time on my hands. I thought I would share any new things I encounter each day and perhaps some other “little bunnies” that I have chosen to follow down the hole. [wink]

Since my attention has now shifted outside with the longer days (notice I am not saying warmer days), I am coveting some of the pretties at this adorable home/garden/gift store: terrain

Spending time in a certain part of the world has got me thinking about learning to ride a scooter. Aren’t these the cutest helmets?

And probably not that new, but here’s a Tastespotting-esque site for typo-fanatics – we love typography

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