Raised veg bed

Thank you all for the encouraging support for my return to blogging. I have to thank my muse, wherever you are, it’s like I woke up one morning and I found my voice again.

After some hide-and-seek with Mr Sun yesterday, I was able to get outside to plant my tomato and squash starts as well as mint pots. I also planted some annuals. I cannot wait to enjoy the summer garden.

Every year, Mike and I talk about how we will have an ideal backyard one day but it’s been five years here at Scarlett and every year, it’s been a pleasure watching it evolve. I love my backyard. I know the history of what’s growing in it – who put it there (mostly, damn those self seeders!), what it is and what it likes. I don’t miss the lawn and am still proud of the stone patio we built even though I still can’t figure out what works best for in between the stones (this year, I’m trying corsican mint groundcover). I’m so excited to see how it will look this year.

Today’s bits:

For R, Molly Moon now has a mobile truck. I hope they hit our area some time.

There is new mobile dessert truck too – Street Treats, serving up cookies, bars, ice cream and pie. I am loving these mobile food trucks.

It is the season for garden tours. I am looking forward to the Rainier Valley Garden tour as they will be focusing on sustainability.

I wear indoor flip flops around the house but these felt house slippers that Molly made are adorable. I love the big felt button and just the simple lines.

Check out Sasha Prood’s Plant Type (top), amongst her other cool pieces.

These recycled tie accessories by Narwal Co. are a brilliant use of good quality ties that may have a tiny red wine stain on them.

When the sun comes out, I’d love to have one of these linen towels to lay out on. Beach towels just catch too much sand. I hope their stripey colored ones come back in stock again. They really remind me of the Mediterranean.


  1. Stef–have you tried woolly thyme or creeping thyme between the stone pavers? It is tough, it takes both dry and wet weather and you can walk on it without it giving up the ghost. It smells good, it has flowers, butterflies and bees like it. Foliage and flower colors are variable–woolly thyme is silvery with pinkish white flowers.

    Very pretty stuff.

    I am glad you are blogging again. I will soon be following you–it is nice when the muse wakes up and tickles our writing voices back to life, isn’t it?

  2. stef

    @Barbara, I actually have woolly thyme growing on my rockery out back. I love how it grows, I may give that a try.

    I am looking forward to your return as well, you always make the most delicious recipes.

    @Feli, I can’t wait to see my harvest too 🙂

  3. Sharon

    Hi Stef, I love these links you included in your posts! Thanks for these regular blog updates. They are now my daily companion for stress relief. Enjoy Scarlett, the lovely backyard and cooking. : )

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