Elusive Star

That elusive star in the sky that we call the sun is finally showing its face here. It looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous day. It is also somewhat significant but more on that later. Temperatures are rising as I type – can’t wait to spend some time outside today. Enjoy the weekend, everyone and if you’re a football fan, have fun watching the games!

Today’s bits:

In the last year, I have been interested in cord/leather bracelets. This one with gold plated beads woven in between caught my eye the other day. I like the name too – nugget.

I like the wood prints at Petit Collage, especially the owl ones. Their new city prints are really tempting. It’s San Francisco too, you all know that city has my heart.

How about these cute robot pillow cases?

This morning, I think I’m making Nigella’s Doughnut French Toast since I have fresh strawberries I can use to make a nice sauce. Either that or a little pink strawberry smoothie to go with plain doughnut french toast.

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