Pork chop, black beans and rice

I swear that I was born to eat rice. Yes, I am obviously biased towards it since I’m Chinese and I have only been eating it for most of my life but how can one not love rice? Especially when it’s cooked right, those perfectly plumped grains are delicious! White rice is my favorite, I also eat brown and red, basmati and wild. It looks like for health reasons, one should eat less white rice and more brown but I say, all in moderation!

Today’s bits:

At the local kids store yesterday I saw this adorable book, it has so much detail in it. I love how kids can learn about different parts of the world in such a fun book. It reminded me of Richard Scarry’s books.

It took working in jobs that made me sit in many meetings to realize that I love to doodle. I really enjoy Taro Gomi’s books and have bought them for my favorite fellow doodler, O. He has new books and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

Letterpress printed cards always make me happy – this mermaid one from Hello!Lucky is so fun and have my favorite colors. I also like this anniversary one.

This weekend, I am cooking up some Thai food. This cucumber salad from chez pim sounds really summery.

Are you ready for the weekend?

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