O Summer

We had delicious burgers and fries at Five Guys last week, just before we saw Toy Story 3. What a fun night!

Today’s bits:

I decided on this shower curtain for the new walls in the master bath. It is making the bath look quite masculine. I think I just need some happy yellow daisies in there to make it look like a girl lives here.

Dinner swaps/cooking co-ops – what a creative fun idea to make dinner one night for several families to pick up and then enjoy the delicious dinners for another couple of nights during the week from your swap families. It makes me want to start one.

I am a big Nigella fan and when she loves something, I’m always quick to pay attention. I think she has great taste. She recommends this chic new book by her art director/book designer, called The Geometry of Pasta. I am a believer that any shape pasta can be paired with any sauce but this book tells you what goes with what.

My favorite thing to eat is shokupan しょくぱん (Japanese white bread). I like it plain, or with butter & a sprinkle of sugar, or some kaya (pandan coconut jam) or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


  1. There’s a FIVE GUYS over here?!? Ohmigosh, so now the only thing this area is missing is fireflies (or lightning bugs – whichever you prefer)? I’m SO tempted to wake up Tommy to give him the Big News!!!! Lunchbox Laboratory looks good but Five Guys, my how I’ve missed you!

    (Nice shower curtain, by the by)

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