One of my favorite condiments – prik nam pla (fish sauce with Thai bird chiles). I put it on almost anything but my favorite uses – over fried noodles, fried rice or soup noodles. Try it, if you like it spicy. I just like the fresh chile flavor with the salty sweet briny fish sauce.

Today’s bits:

I made this Kim Chee stir-fry recipe today with ground pork instead of pork belly – really quick and really tasty.

This sounds and looks like a really delicious baked pasta recipe.

Another food truck to look out for in Seattle – this time, some good ol’ Creole cookin’.

Here’s a really great website – Roaming Hunger, that helps promote this mobile food truck culture – yay for curbside cuisine!

I loved Gayla Trail’s first book called You Grow Girl and now I want to get my hands on Grow Great Grub. On a related note, I mixed in chicken manure into the veggie bed and stock tanks. Can’t wait to see how happy the veggies will be.

I may not have monsters to keep at bay but this beautiful whale light box caught my eye today.

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