I went by the old office to see some of my favorite co-workers and catch up a little. I could not believe that it’s been almost a year since I left the place and how much has changed. I guess it’s all part of life. Change.

There is more change coming up here soon. Soon.

My favorite beverage currently is an Earl Grey tea latte or an English Breakfast tea latte. I have talked about it here before but lately, I’ve been enjoying them again. It all started when I used to share this with my really good friend C at a cafe in Bugis Junction. We still text and talk about how nice it would be to share one right now. You might order these at a coffee shop here in the US or Canada – they are called ‘London Fog’. I had a version of it last Friday at Cafe Vivace and they are called ‘Beautiful Stephanie’ – how appropo! The only difference is that this version had cinnamon.

I make mine at home by steeping a tea bag in 2 tbsp of boiling water to cover the tea bag, let steep for a minute then top it up with milk and microwave it for about 2 minutes. If you like your tea sweet, put a tsp of sugar in when you add hot water to steep your tea bag. So good!

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