Thank you all, for the many well-wishes, here and through email and phone calls. We are so touched that you are still out there and with such enthusiasm.

It was a rainy Saturday yesterday here in Seattle (surprising, I know!). We had lunch at my favorite Indian restaurant – I have a curry craving. All kinds of curry, please! After that we went to watch Tron at the 3D IMAX theatre. It was pretty cool to me but to Mike, I think it was cool on a whole different level. He grew up knowing the film. However, I must say that I have a thing for older Jeff Bridges. Is that you, pregnancy hormones?!

We are off to lunch in a bit, to have an early celebration for my folks’ 41st anniversary. How does anyone stay married for this long? I still have no idea but they have my unfailing admiration.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Selina

    Congratulations Stef and Mike. Stef I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now and am fellow Singapore living in the US (San Jose bay area) and I am glad you have found time to update your blog every now and than. I’ve also tried a few of your recipes!

    Can’t wait to follow you in getting ready for your new addition…

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