Tea addict

I cannot get enough of tea. Even in recent months when I was feeling out of sorts and a little discouraged in my other passions, I still sought tea out to make me feel better. It’s tea with lemon, tea with honey, tea with steamed milk (my favorite!) or iced tea.

I do enjoy my cup of coffee from time to time but I can’t do without a good cup of tea, even with this baby on the way.

I have a current favorite iced tea and I am not sure how I will ever stop drinking this. It’s Tazo’s Giant Peach. It is not like any other peach-flavored tea I’ve ever tasted. You can actually taste peaches in this one. Not artificial at all. I have not tried the diet version but my tongue does not like artificial sweeteners, so it’s not even about it being unsafe.

If you haven’t tasted this, you should. I know it’s not the season for iced teas but can you blame a mum-to-be who is growing a little heater?

Image from My Little World


  1. How are you doing?

    OF COURSE, this is my favorite peach tea, too. How are they able to make it taste like you’re biting into the most perfect peach?!?

    Let’s hook up SOON,

  2. This would be a healthier craving than my salt and vinegar kettle chips I think. Fortunately I think the craving for that is slowly going away.

    I’ll have to look out for this tea next time I’m grocery shopping. =)

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