Peonies & Bamboo

peony tree bamboo

Pictures from the Montreal Chinese Gardens. I visited it in the summer of 2000. Aren’t they the most beautiful flowers? They smell really wonderful too. And the bamboo, I would plant these in my yard if I had one. Also, if I had a garden with these beauties, I’d be one happy mama!

What is your favorite flower?


  1. Those are gorgeous photos, Stef! 🙂 I’ve been wanting to buy my husband a bamboo ~ I think they’re pretty cool looking. They are supposed to be lucky, right? It would be cool to have one in my office, too. Favorite flower ~ well, I’m of course partial to white roses because I carried them at our wedding. I’ve always liked them the best out of all rose colors, actually. But I also like blue flowers ~ they are so unusual, and blue is my favorite color. 🙂 I like the scent of honeysuckle, peonies, and lilacs, too. Hydrangeas are pretty in bouquets and arrangements, too, I think. And zinnas, of course! hehe 🙂 [smile]

  2. Those photos are beautiful! My fave flowers? Daisies (or any flower that looks like daisies), tulips, lilacs, hydrangeas… there’s too many to name!

  3. Tiger lilies are my fave. We have them growing in our yard but unfortunate the deer find them delicious. Last year they snapped off and ate all the about-to-bloom buds on the majority of our plants!

  4. Hmmmm…I have many favs! Ranunculus and old roses are beautiful, and Magnoliae (even though that’s considered a tree). Poppy can be very beautiful, too….

  5. That’s a tough question… I love so many flowers! Some of my favorites are Snap Dragons, Fox Gloves, and Lilly of the Valley. Poppies too… Oh, the list could just go on and on!

  6. I love tulips, crocuses & roses. They remind me of my Mom’s garden. She’s a bit of a wild gardener – has asparagus & chives growing among the flowers. But she likes it.

  7. Cindy Fredericka

    The peonies in de garden so Beautiful!!Well…U know wat my fav flowers r.Need I elaborate? Peonies, hydragenas, bluebells, cabbage roses, cabbage flowers, casablanca lilies, etc…. Strong dislike gerberas though. Poppies r nice too.

    Otherwise I’ll get all excited & go on & on & get 2 descriptive like wat happen in de bra entry earlier on.BTW, oops sorry abt it dat, U know me lah (Singlish) got carried away in my excitment 4got dat EVERYBODY (including your folks) r reading your blog.:p Hey can U delete it by any chance.So “Malu”!!(embarrassed in Malay) U went Vic Secrets!!!! Ok better stop here otherwise your dearest hubby gonna blast me. :p

  8. Cherie Hall

    I would like to see any pontos you have of the Calli Lilly if possible. I am tied into them somewhere in my life. thankyou cherie

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