The Wolf and Seven Young Kids

Do you know that Brothers Grimm fable about the wolf and 7 young kids? Kids as in little goats? Well, I have been feeling like how the wolf has felt after his stomach was cut open, filled with stones and sewn back.

I’ve debated about sharing this story with you but it is such a important step in this pregnancy that I have to let you know.

In my last post, I shared about the scary pains in my belly as being a bump in the road but it turns out, it was a warning sign that I needed surgery to remove a cyst that has been growing in my belly. It was such a horrible pain that I felt last Friday (3/11) evening. I was doubled over in pain as M rushed me to urgent care. I feared for my little one’s safety but I could barely wrap my head around the pain I felt. I was hospitalized that night but I knew that I was bound for the OR to remove the cyst.

The surgery went well, M steadfast by my side, reassuring me all the time that it was going to be alright and that he will be there when I woke, even when he feared for my well-being. The nurses and doctors were amazing and supportive. I cannot thank them enough for the care they took of me.

The last of my staples came out today but I am still taking things slow and easy as I heal from the 8″ long incision on my belly. It’s quite the battle scar.

It’s been a trying week, physically, emotionally and mentally. But I really feel like I have found my way home. Particularly to M, who has never strayed from my side since I’ve been a little lost trying to find myself since more than 20 months ago. He deserves the award for a true companion in my life.

We are due for our anatomy scan on Wednesday but we got to see our little one that fateful Friday. I was in much pain but it was still good to see him tumbling about in my belly. Yes, him. I am going to be a proud mum of a son whom I hope, will follow in his daddy’s steadfast and loving footsteps.

Don’t worry about me too much, my friends, I am surely on the mend. My fate will be unlike the one of the wolf who ends up at the bottom of the well. On the contrary, I am on my way up.

Thank you for always keeping me and M in your thoughts and prayers. We are lucky.


  1. Sharon

    Beautiful post. I am deeply moved. You, Mike and baby remain in our daily prayers and loving thoughts. Take great care.

  2. Well, that was totally unexpected. I’m glad everything is ok, and that you are on the mend. Congrats on finding out you will be having a boy!

  3. I was wondering why you were quiet for so long and was getting worried. Glad to know that things are better and you are on the mend. It must have been scary beyond words to have that op while preggie and M is such an awesome hubby.

    Congrats on the baby boy! Hope our sons get to play together some time. =)

  4. Stef, what a scary-sounding experience, for all of you involved. I’m glad you’re healing. And that you have such a great hubby.
    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your son down the road 🙂

  5. Oh no my friend… My heart is a feeling low while reading this. I love your outlook though, so just as you requested, I will not worry too much, but will keep you in my thoughts!! M is a dream… (come true!) And so exciting to know the gender of your little one!! Can’t wait!! Hang in there…

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