Coconut Ice Cream

I started back working today and fortunately, I am able to do it from home and on a part time basis.  It’s very helpful.  I don’t have to worry about commuting for an hour each way to work/home.  I realized that I am still recovering even though my incision has healed quite well and I have been weaned off the pain meds.  I am not trying to be heroic, I just didn’t want to keep pumping myself with pain meds since I do have a little bean absorbing whatever I put into my system.

I wish I had more energy and I miss prenatal yoga quite a bit.  I have to take another two weeks off from stretching but I’m trying to put some meditation time into my day.

My appetite has also become unpredictable.  I don’t care much for food these days but I have the odd craving for ice cream, donuts, peanut butter & sugar bagels and bananas.  Not all bad for me.  My current favorite ice cream flavor is coconut.  It’s never been my favorite before! I love this brand, it’s very tasty and not overwhelmingly coconut-y.  I get it from the local Asian supermarket but it’s available on Amazon Fresh too.

Spring is slowly unfolding itself here in the NW and I can’t wait to have more energy since I would really need it for the rest of the pregnancy.

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