31.5 weeks

I still cannot believe how time has been flying by. I know that this is a typical lament on this blog but with this pregnancy, it’s become more evident. I guess it’s not really a complaint, it’s more of an astute observation.

My bump looks a little smaller than in last week’s picture but baby boy Siem is about the size of a Napa cabbage. He is extremely active and particularly likes to wiggle when I’m unwinding for the day.  Last week, I learned that I measure at 35 weeks even though I’m barely 32 weeks. I tell the doctor that it might have to do with my pre-pregnancy belly size but  I guess they just want to be cautious that he is not getting too big from my gestational diabetes. The good side to this is that I will get to see him again in 2 weeks on ultrasound. I look forward to this u/s, especially since at this stage, I don’t need to have a partially full bladder (thank God! I almost died of having to pee at the 22 week scan).  At the end of this, I just want him to be as healthy as possible. So I do whatever I can, in my power to help this.

Both M and I are getting more excited and silently nervous. We are starting to realize that this baby is going to come soon into our lives.

On some days all I can think is “Wow! I can’t believe that we are really going to get this lucky…”


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