32.5 weeks

I’m actually 33 weeks today but I took this pic a few days ago.  I was feeling a little tired that morning and I think I was coming down with a cold or allergies. My head now feels like it’s filled with cotton balls. I hope I feel better soon because I have a busy weekend ahead – birthing class, pick out new paint color for nursery and my baby shower! I’ve put together baby showers for my friends before but never have I thought that I would actually have one thrown for me. It will just be great to see some of the girls that I used to work with.

The little guy is still very active and every day he seems to get stronger. I have started going for weekly non-stress tests to monitor his heart rate/activity and he seems to be sneaky when we are monitoring him. He stays extra calm as if he doesn’t want to be heard. So to ensure that he “performs” correctly for the test, I had to tickle him. Still, because it was a morning test, he was not as active as he usually is at about 6 in the evening and throughout the night.  Anyhow he did respond when prodded so all is well.

Well, here I am, another week closer. It won’t be long now but that is what I’ll be saying for the next few weeks so bear with me, yah?

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