34 weeks

Happy Friday!

Technically 6 more weeks to go before this little guy takes his first breath, ironically it will be while I hold mine watching him. I had a special treat this week. At a recent ultrasound, we got to see his little face. I think he has my cheeks. We’ll see. But just to see that face, that was enough. I really cannot imagine how I’ll react to meeting him in person.

Lately, I am trying to get as much rest or sleep as I can but it’s not easy to get comfortable. I keep telling myself that I can do it, after all so many other generations of women have done it.  I get breathless quickly, I can’t walk very fast or far, bending over is almost an ordeal, especially when I forget that I have this weight strapped to the front of me.

The baby shower last Sunday was wonderful. The ladies showered me with every type of good vibe and lots of laughter. They presented so many generous gifts and it got me thinking about what I still needed for baby. As a result I’ve been shopping for all the essentials. Once that big delivery arrives, we should be ready to welcome the boy.

In the meantime, I’m working hard to download as much work knowledge as possible before I leave this job. I am also listening to this cute album by Lori Henriques.

Also, even though I haven’t blogged too much about what I’ve been eating, I am eating good. I never eat bad with mum around. She made homemade soy milk this week and the taste of it transported me back in time. Yum.

I’m doing good and I hope that you are all well too. Until next week’s bump shot…be well!


  1. jill

    eeek. You look so good, I love your hair long, and I am super excited for you little family to grow!! Hang in there!!

  2. Hmmmm. Homemade soy! Lucky mommy to be! Rest well even though it can be tough. It’s so exciting! Sending you good vibes for delivery. Good luck!

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