1. Anne

    So precious…Yes, Sagan Alexander is a really great name. When you’re all rested with ample time on your hands (not likely to happen–HA!), it’s time to amend #52 of your About Me page! 😉

  2. Jen

    What a sweetie-pie that Sagan is! Congratulations to you and hubby! May you find strength for those night time feedings! May lil munchkin sleep long naps! And finally, love, love, and love!

  3. Lily

    He is a perfect baby and you and your hubby will be great parents!! 😀

    I am expecting in Dec. and am a bit terrified of going into labor…how was your delivery?

    Hope all is going well with you and your family!

    • stef

      Thanks Lily, my labor process was a little long but that was because we had to induce labor. I had gestational diabetes and because of that, they won’t let me go past 40 weeks. Try your best to go into the process with an open mind, just remember to breathe and don’t refuse pain meds if you know you can’t handle it. I ended up with a c-section after laboring for a while but it was so wonderful to see and hold Sagan for that first time.

      Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and feel free to ask me any questions 🙂 I will do my best to answer.

  4. Stef

    Thank you all so much, we are very happy and feel lucky to be blessed with his arrival. Things are slowly getting into a sort of random routine – it’s hard to describe but it’s all good.

  5. Lily Lee Kotthoff

    Congrats on your lil big bundle of joy, Stef! Haven’t visited your site for quiet a while, but I’m thrilled to know u have become a mom, a great mom that is. Welcome to & enjoy motherhood 😀

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