I can tell that it is the early evening because of how much sunshine is coming through the front windows. Sagan is sleeping quietly in the swing that we call magic (he almost always falls asleep every time we put him in it). I actually have a couple of minutes when I am not holding the baby or the breast pump. My neck and shoulders are less achy, I think I am getting used to holding the baby and looking down at him as he nurses. My incision from the c-section has healed well and I am off the pain meds. Our little family unit is gradually coming together, mostly it is a question of feed, change, burp or entertain. It is easier in the day time to navigate these cues from the little guy, at night, it is mostly a fumble. Still I think we are doing okay.

My mum has been a blessing to have around, she cooks all our meals, keeps the house clean and is always more than happy to hold and entertain the baby. I am one lucky girl. I have such wonderful support.

I also wanted to thank all of you for your overwhelming well wishes and gifts, your offers of help and support as we learn how to take care of our new little one. It has been such a new and slightly harrowing experience for us but whenever we look into those tiny soulful eyes or hear his little coo, we swoon. It becomes all worth it. I am aware of how time flies and am learning to cherish each moment, groggily.

What is sleep when you can hold this little face close to your chest?


  1. Meg

    Precious times, so glad to hear you are cherishing them. I remember the swing at our house was such a blessing, too. And the car seat! Spent New Years Eve 1999 in the basement of our house, Jackson in the car seat on top of the drier while it ran because he would fall asleep to the low rumble of the drier and the rocking of the car seat.

  2. oooh I want one of those magic swings too. =) They say the first 100 days after birth is the “fourth trimester” where both mother and especially child must be well taken care of. Thank goodness for our mommies. I guess we really do learn to appreciate them even more after we become mommies ourselves.

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