I love pie. Remember that sweet potato pie declaration that I made in my last post? Well, I haven’t had the chance to make that pie yet. I did, however, make a lemon custard pie. The recipe I used is from America’s Test Kitchen book, Baking Illustrated. One of my favorites, none of the recipes I have tried from it have ever failed me.

We celebrated my brother’s and dad’s birthday early today. So, we also had a scrummy chocolate cake from Whole Foods. They make really good tasty cakes there. My favorite is their Chantilly cake. The vanilla girl in me cannot refuse that golden vanilla cake, mixed berries and Chantilly frosting. Yum…but this chocolate one is a close second!

I’m on the lookout for a good baby sling. I have read many good things about babywearing and even though we have a BabyBjorn, I want something easier to put on and that I can use around the house. I figured that he won’t be this size for long and I would love to hold him close as much as possible. Snuggly time with mummy means happy baby. And happy mummy too, of course! I’ve read great things about the Balboa Sling.

Look what I made Sagan – a mobile with an old embroidery hoop and some color dots sewn together. These are the colors of his nursery.

I recently updated to OS5 on my trusty iPhone 3GS. It seems to be working pretty well. I am sure there are some obvious lags but I guess I am used to it. I am thinking about getting the new 4S but I don’t really need Siri and I can always surf with my iPad.

Nursing a new baby also gives me a lot of time to check out YouTube videos. I have been watching Nigel Slater‘s Simple Suppers as well as the Delicious Miss Dahl – Sophie Dahl. I find myself attracted by the kitchen set-ups and English accent of both the cooks.

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