I am truly grateful for this time at home, with my little guy.  It is difficult at about 3.30am in the morning but when he smiles and coos back at me, nothing else matters. As much as we try to get him into a routine, he always surprises us. Like on our recent trip, he slept from 10pm to 4.45am. I woke up suddenly, worried that I had missed his cries. But there he was, sound asleep.

Chicago was fun. There was still more that I’d like to have done but when you are travelling with an infant, it just takes a little more planning and things have to move in a bit of a slow motion. S did great on the flights (even flirted with a couple of high school girls) and was such a trooper when we dragged him through the windy rains to get flapjacks at Bongo Room (yum!). We ate deep dish pizza, Italian Beef sandwiches dipped in au jus, Vienna Beef Hot Dogs Chicago-style, tasty Corned Beef sandwiches and even enjoyed a little bit of Barcelona-Catalunya cooking at Mercat a la Planxa. Yum yum. No trip is complete without foodie finds like these.

I was also a little nervous about travelling while breastfeeding.  I usually have no problems about nursing in public, but it really isn’t always convenient to just sit down and nurse. Fortunately I had some really good experiences – one museum had a nursing room and another had lots of seating near the restrooms. Almost intuitively, S drank efficiently and didn’t want to nurse too often. Maybe he was just distracted. Having always pumped and nursed, I was engorged for the first 3 days but then I think my body regulated itself. Breastfeeding is such a challenge but the benefits for S and our alone time is so worth it.  I met a mum in the restroom pumping while travelling. Her 11-month old was home and she said she was planning to start weaning by age 1. That is my goal. We’ll see how this goes.

Some things I’ve come across lately:

The days are getting shorter and I am enjoying cozy evenings cuddling with my boys. Are you finding some warmth in these cooler climes?

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