So far

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve gone primal. This is a permanent lifestyle change for me. This is not temporary.

Things I have learned since:

  • Lard, bacon grease, coconut oil and ghee are all delicious and good fats. Frying and cooking with these fats satiate you in ways you have never imagined.
  • Grass-fed meat really does taste different, and you don’t need much of it to feel full either.
  • Eat mindfully. Think about how you feel after you have consumed certain foods, you can hear your body tell you what it prefers.
  • When you have more energy, you automatically incorporate more movement into your day. I get more done, I have more play time with S.
  • Dried fruit can be too much sugar so change up your trail mix to incorporate more nuts and coconut chips.
  • Coconuts are very good for you.
  • Carbohydrates make us fat. Fat does not.
  • Long hours on a treadmill at a gym does not help your body function better. Intense functional workouts that push you to the extreme are the most effective. I’m not a Crossfitter (yet) but I’ve seen how it has helped M.

I am not one to tell you what to think or eat. However, if you find yourself unsuccessful with keeping your weight down with constant working out and reducing fat, I ask you to question why. It’s not your fault or bad genes that you can’t seem to fight this battle. Challenge conventional wisdom. Don’t believe everything without looking at the data. You owe it to yourself.

“I blame carbohydrates.” – Me


  1. Sharlyn

    I am loving reading about your primal journey Stef! I’ve always enjoyed your recipes and food posts and I’m really looking forward to what you come up with now that you’re eating “primal”.

  2. Jami

    Girl, you know I could not be happier to hear the good news about coconuts, my most fave food ever! And your primal meals look divine 🙂

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