I love this face. Every day, a little more than the day before. And “a little” is definitely relative. I will never get tired of this face. Even with all of the other expressions that it makes.

We are still on this primal wagon. I shouldn’t call it a wagon since it doesn’t feel like I will be getting off it in the near future. It’s done nothing but good for me. I’ve dropped down to a weight that I have not been at since 2002! Pre-wedding! In addition, I have also decided to face my worst fears – exercise. I went for my first Crossfit sample workout last week. I didn’t die while doing a modified half “Cindy”. I am excited about starting my blast off class next Friday. Check back in 2 weeks to see if I’m still so enthused.

In other news, it’s almost March. The soil in the stock tanks will be turned soon and seed will be sown. For inspiration, I’ve been reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal Vegetable Miracle.

Are you looking forward to spring?

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  1. Tj's Mom

    And you look fantastic!!! Your little man is growing up and getting into some trouble I imagine. Good luck on exorcising your exercise demons! I’m am very happy for you. Yes, I am patiently awaiting spring. Tulips, daffodils, oh my! Ciao Bella!

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