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I started working on my blog again. I’ve added those buttons for social media to the right menu bar. I realize that I don’t blog as much but I still spend a good amount of time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. My blog is due for a redesign but I need to be able to commit my time to posting more often. Some days, it feels like this blog has no future. I know readership has definitely declined but I am happy that I do keep in touch with some of you on the other sites. I’m still thinking about where this blog will go.

In the meantime…

I’ve been planning my spring seeds and yesterday, I started pre-sprouting my peas for the garden. I think I’ll plant them in a big pot since the ones I have are dwarf plants – up to 18″ only. Most of my planting will be in the stock tanks this year. Trying not to overdo it. But now that we are eating lots more vegetables, we are definitely excited about our own crops. Weather predictions are not good though.

In addition to staying on the primal wagon, I’ve started Crossfit. I don’t think I’ll be super Crossfitter anytime soon but after almost 2 weeks, I think that this is something I will continue to enjoy doing. It’s something that I can share with M too. It helps when you have company. Since he has been at it for almost 3 years, he’s way ahead of me but the fact that I’m out there and trying to do something physically is way more than I could have ever hoped for. My goal is to be stronger. Eating primal has also helped – I am not as sore as I thought I would be and I seem to find the energy to get out there even though my sleep is still fragmented.

S is doing good. He started crawling last week. Not fast gecko crawling yet but soon enough I’m sure. Also, he has two little teeth trying so hard to pop up through his gums. I feel them when he nurses so it’s not long now. He’s eating brown rice, sweet potatoes, bananas, yogurt and whatever scraps I throw his way (read: little pieces from my plate – so far, noodles (from my Din Tai Fung primal cheat meal), kale, beef, carnitas. I think he will be a good eater. Hopefully. He loves to say “bababababa wawawawawa mamamaama dadadadada” but to him, I think it’s not people-specific. I’m taking so many pictures of him but sometimes I still feel like I might miss some important moment. I just hope I remember some of these when he grows older. I don’t want to document the heck out of his life though. He still doesn’t sleep very well. We have had no luck in sleep training so now he shares our bed. I love having him close by and sometimes I think I’ll never remember what it’s like to sleep through the night. Soon enough, I know.

We’re looking forward to a nice St Paddy’s Day dinner with some good friends. We don’t see each other as much these days – work, life and kids do that to you but that means we cherish our time together all the more. So, corned beef, braised cabbage (never boiled!) and beer. Not primal but necessary for the occasion.

If you are still out there and reading da*xiang, say hi, will ya?


  1. Emily Seah

    Hi! 🙂 Glad to see you are still blogging here. Will be following your primal and CrossFit adventures with interest…I’ve been intrigued by both primal/paleo eating and CrossFit myself and while I haven’t screwed up the courage to check out my local group yet, it’s something that I think is really awesome that I hope to work up to. Best of luck to you!

    • stef

      Hi Emily, thank you for your encouragement and support! I heard about eating paleo about 2-3 years ago when M started his Crossfit but I didn’t think I could do another diet. Now it’s a lifestyle change and the way I feel is so much better. Like a fog has lifted. I think it affects everyone differently and cravings can be challenging but I think it is still worth a try. For yourself 🙂

  2. Staishy

    I know what you mean about the sleep issues – we are also having challenges. I don’t think Ada will ever sleep through the night. Now, I am just hoping that, one day, she will learn to entertain herself quietly in her bed.

    It’s so exciting to hear that Sagan is crawling. We can’t wait to race the babies. 🙂

    • stef

      Hi Staish, we cannot wait to race babies! As for sleep, now that he shares our bed, we seem to all sleep better. Someday, I hope he will realize that he can have his own bed to himself 🙂

  3. Tj's Mom

    You keep on rockin’, Stef! You inspired me to buy some seeds on my lunch today: arugula, romaine, butter lettuce, and kale. Fingers crossed! Ciao!

    • stef

      Hey Jen, I was just thinking about you this week when I planted my peas, carrots, lettuce and Asian greens. Grow, grow, grow!

  4. Hey Stef – primal and crossfit huh? That is awesome. Tony had been doing both for about 6 months now and it’s crazy to see how well he is doing. Crossfit isn’t for me (I’m a treadmill/elliptical slave) but it looks pretty full on. We are doing the paleo thing too. I’m having a hard time getting off the sugar though. It’s a process for me 🙂


    • stef

      Hi Krissy, first off, I love Pretty Paper Things 🙂
      Next, I never thought that Crossfit would be my thing. I do love the “heavy lifting” and the modified progressions. They help me build confidence. It does not just go right to “ok, you can’t do a pull up – too bad!”. Short and intense is my thing too. I used to go for hours on a treadmill but saw very minimal results. Primal eating, of course has helped in recovery and progress too. All in all, I’m happy and feel more alive! Sugar is hard to kick. I miss my noodles and rice 🙁

  5. Anne

    Don’t stop! Blogging, that is. It’s ok for you to pace yourself now you have yor beautiful baby. I’m sure your readers are checking in on a more leisurely pace too. It works. Love to hear about your adventures and love your food pic & recipes, especially the asian ones. Know what you mean about noodles and rice. I love Hor Fun, Hokkien Mee, Char Kway Teow, Laksa…

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