Spring/Happy Easter

The sun is out, Seattle is, once again, scintillating. My camellia begged to be photographed.

We made these delicious stuffed strawberries. There is a little powdered sugar whipped in the mascarpone cheese but the lemon and strawberries were perfect.

I tried a new recipe today. Basically, I will cook 3-4 lbs of chuck roast or pork shoulder in the pressure cooker so we have protein stashed in the fridge for those nights when we want a quick meal or when I want to boost my breakfast with protein. Last week we made pressure-cooker carnitas, this week, it’s barbacoa. Slow-cooked beef. Of course we are not going to eat it as a taco but probably in a salad with shredded cheese, sour cream and fresh avocado. I recommend this recipe. I added more chipotle chillies (5-6) because I like more heat. Mike thinks this is the best shredded beef he’s ever tasted, but he’s biased and you already know that. Still, it is a simple recipe and takes a short prep time. It even cooks quickly in a pressure cooker. These days, I often find myself using my pressure cooker several times a week. I love tender, falling-off-bone meat.

As I type this, my pressure cooker is hissing again. Twice in a day! I’m making this lamb stew for dinner and serving it with roasted parsnip puree. I know that it sounds like a fall meal but the fragrant spices of this Spanish dish remind me of warmer days. I made two changes: (1) switch out Italian Parsley for cilantro. There is something about fresh cilantro that balances that richness of the lamb; (2) use lamb shank instead of stew meat.

Have to run for now. Going to put the boy to bed before I indulge in my Easter supper.

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