Dear Sagan

You are now a week over 9 months old and you are so independently mobile. You crawl so fast that all I see is a blur. I can often find you trapped under a chair or table but only because you gravitate towards those and then try to stand up while under them. You love pulling up on your changing table and reaching for that light on the wipe warmer. I’m sure its amber glow is hard to resist. Sometimes you play quietly in your play area but mostly you try to move the fence with you. You love to pull the books off my shelves especially those with red dust covers. The rustling of papers brings you to where I want you but nothing beats the jingle of my keys! You have all sorts of fun toys but all you want are shoes, an old toothbrush holder, a suction cup from a sign I hang on the window (of course it now lays flat in some drawer) and my shiny keyboard (I don’t blame you, it always beckons me too).

You don’t drink from a bottle anymore. We only had to go through 4 sippy cups to find you the right one. You actually know how to sip through a straw! You love your oatmeal, bananas, pears, coconut milk, meat and cheese. You never refuse cheese and you are always game to try new foods we put in your mouth.You do all this eating with one tooth in your mouth. You hate bibs, you either try to pull them off (velcro) or you just try to eat it in between spoonfuls. You also like to grab the spoon that feeds you. It is not helpful, my dear boy.

You still don’t sleep through the night and are always raring to go by 6am. Dr S says you are a night-feeder but I like to think that you love our special time at night. Some day you’ll sleep better and when you grow up, I’ll be sure to wake you early in the morning. For fun.

I love your little smiles, the way you scrunch up face and snigger and even the “it’s not me” look you give when I find you getting into trouble. Oh and when you giggle if you see a pic of yourself on my phone.

I just want you to know that I love you. I worry that I will forget all the moments that you make so special in my life because there are too many of them. Here’s my weak attempt at recording some of them. Some day you might read this since nothing that gets on the Internet is ever lost.

Thank you, my beautiful boy.

Love you, mummy

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  1. Selina

    That is a beautiful post. Yes too many things happening and so quickly we forget. It’s good you are attempting to log them and I am sure you have lots of photos. Enjoy every moment, they grow up quickly.

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