Project Renew Scarlett: Dining/Kitchen (Before)

Remember that fun design camp with AB Chao? Yes, she inspired a wealth of ideas and even though my one big project that I brought to her and the group was my master bedroom, I saw “low hanging fruit” in my dining and kitchen.

This is how things look like now – the BEFORE. I have notated the changes that I am going to make but just in case it is too small to read, here is the list:

  • change pendant lighting over the island in the kitchen
  • change dining room rug (bye bye, FLOR, you were great for the time we needed you for.)
  • move the ceiling fan to a different spot in the family room and replace with giant pendant light (with a dimmer! You’ll be proud, AB!)
  • redefine problem wall/corner near the back door – new art for the walls, probably a collage of favorite food-related prints or cookbooks.

I have received and gathered the items that will be going into these changes but I have not made any changes yet. I promise an AFTER picture and believe me, I am so very excited!


  1. Ooh! I can’t wait to see the “after”! Like you, I finally decided to tackle my low hanging fruit, shelve the living/dining room project and finish the bathroom. Be brave!

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