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We have been on and off our paleo/primal eating but recently, listening to Nom Nom Paleo’s podcast, I’ve been inspired all over again. I really enjoy listening to Michelle and her lovely family share their favorite recipes and tips about a real food lifestyle.

From one of their episodes, they recommend this prosciutto from La Quercia – good quality and tasty! Turns out, I can pick it up from a nearby QFC or even Beecher’s right by the market.

Last Christmas, I got my very own ukulele (thanks to S, S & A). I haven’t had a chance to do anything but there is a ukulele workshop this Sunday at the Redmond library that I might check out.

Another podcast that I have started listening to – The Beginning of The End. I enjoyed the first episode, it made me think about endings and how endings really could be the beginning of something else. The 2nd episode is out today.

It’s been a while since we took a vacation and I’ve been living vicariously through my Instagram feed. My friends have been exploring some really beautiful spots and now I have a new vacation destination on the list – Antibes. So many places to visit, so little time!

We recently bought a grill basket for grilling up veggies like mushrooms, green beans and brussels sprouts. We don’t have to worry about veggies falling through the grates anymore. Think it would be great for shrimp too!


  1. hi Stef

    Thanks for recommending Nom Nom Paleo’s podcast. I have downloaded all the episodes and have devoured it. LOL.

    I love the banter between husband and wife. 🙂


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