Hello, August!

It’s my favorite month, for obvious reasons. This is the month (many moons ago) that I got to meet this world. There’s much to be thankful for.

Have you ever listened or paid attention to how you breathe? Recently, I started to pay more attention to how I breathe. That has helped me feel calmer. Over the years, I’ve let my breathing shorten and quicken without even giving it a second thought. Now, I try to breathe into my belly. This is part of my recovery journey. There are several breath pacer apps available for smart phones that you can download to help you. Ideally, we should have about 8 breaths per minute.


I’m still enjoying 99% Invisible podcast, there are so many design-related things that I can learn about. I like that each episode is not too long and the topics are so varied. I also particularly enjoy the little bit at the end of episode where Roman Mars lets his boys share something.

For the last year or so, I’ve been slightly obsessed with things beauty or skincare-related. I was never religious about cleansing as a younger person because I was fortunate to not have acne. I have eczema and I think that more than makes up for it! I started the double-cleansing method about a month ago and I am loving it. I basically remove my makeup with an oil (Ever Skincare Luminous Cleansing Balm or Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil) and then use a separate cleanser for the 2nd cleanse. I like Purity from Philosophy as it is gentle and not too drying.

Some easy vegetable sides that I have been loving: kale salad (here are 12 different kinds!), grilled zucchini and peppers with onions, roasted brussels sprouts.

I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of summer! It is flying by!


  1. It am so glad you’re blogging again! I keep meaning to star up again as well, but I am being totally lazy. 🙂 I LOVE oil cleansing! I’m just using the little samples I’ve gotten with my beauty box subscriptions, but I think I’m going to tinker with making my own blend. I love the kind of stuff. Hope you have a happy birthday month!

    • stef

      There are lots of oil cleansing blend recipes out there to try out! But yes, finding the right combo would be fun!

      I told myself once a week and so far, I’ve been keeping up. Phew! So glad to see you here 🙂

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