My birthday came and went. There was no fanfare but it was a good one. I feel like I’m in a good place in my life right now. My recovery journey is underway and everything is going well.

Part of my recovery has been starting a meditation practice. I am using this app called Headspace and have stuck with it for 9 days now. Just taking the time to quieten the mind does wonders for my mood. You can try it out for 10 days free and see how it goes. I tried to start my practice several times for months now but once I pushed through Day 3, I started looking forward to each day’s session. As soon as I felt that way, I subscribed to a year’s membership. A good investment for my mental well-being.

I am still listening to my favorite podcasts (see previous posts) but I found a new one called Gastropod. I enjoyed an episode yesterday called The Whole Hog. The pig is indeed a fascinating animal.

Have you seen The Mind of a Chef? Netflix has 3 seasons up and I am loving Eddy Lee in Season 3. He is such an eloquent chef! You can watch in online too.

I recently noticed something about myself, I used to only wear silver jewelry but lately, gold is my go-to. How did that even happen??! Here are some of my favorite pieces that I have been wearing lately:


Zuni Layering NecklacePyramid_D___Stella___Dot

Deja Vu Double-Sided Studs

Alexia_Fringe_Statement_Necklace___Stella___DotAlexia Necklace


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