Espaa : Spain

While I was at the cafeteria today, I stood next to a lady with an accent – it was unmistakably an East European accent so I asked her where she was from… she said SPAIN! But she did say that many people mistake her accent for an East European one. Ooh, how I would love to visit Spain.

This lovely lady, Juanita, tells me that the best time to visit Spain was in September when it’s not so hot and less tourists… but what am I? I AM a tourist. Still, I would like to go when it’s not the peak season. She also tells me that I can hop on a train to Germany! (Anissa, you hear that??!?!) We had a lovely chat while we were there waiting for our fries to be ready. Maybe Mike & I will visit Spain someday… go to Asturias, Madrid, Barcelona, Canary Islands, Ibiza and Mallorca.

Just when I started losing faith in the people I work around, here comes a wonderful soul out of nowhere! Life does have its little surprises.


  1. I too have a fascination with Spain. For me it’s the art and architecture that draws me. Food too… Someday…

  2. My dream vacation would have to be traveling Europe. Spain, Italy and Portugal are at the top of my list. One day, one day 🙂

  3. I hear you 🙂 Hop on, hop on, I’ll pick you up at the station!!
    Oh, rather stay away from Mallorca and Ibiza – this is where are the German/Brit scump goes for vacation. You wouldn’t enjoy it! Rather, go and visit Andalucia…mucho culture.

  4. oh yah the food! ahhh! never had any Spannish food, but watched this cooking documentary on tv with host Padma (gorgeous) Lakshmi in Spain.

  5. Cindy Fredericka

    Only goodness…. wat coincidence. Remember Steff we had a conversation on Spain. One of de destination in my list to go. & of course Europe!!

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