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I have been away from home for the last 2 weeks, one week in Vegas for work and the next week in Portland and the Oregon coast. It was good to spend some time away from the office as work has recently been weighing on me. I am trying hard to avoid a burn-out. From previous experience, burn-outs are no fun, to say the least!

My time at the work conference was ironically inspiring. I love the product that I support and work with, it’s always good to bond with likeminded people. What I enjoyed even more was the company of my coworkers as well as a very inspiring talk by Sal Khan, found of Khan Academy. I’ve been trained in Arts and Social Sciences all my life, but now I feel there is a chance for me to learn about physics, chemistry and astronomy!

Even while traveling, I tried to keep up with my meditative practice. I think that it has kept me sane thus far.

The time on the Oregon Coast was short but it was just a joy to see S run all over the beach, chasing gulls, picking up shells and running through frigid waves.

What a beautiful day! #pdx2015

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Here are some of my recent favorites:
Gnocchi with any kind of sauce – creamy crab parmesan sauce last week and bacon arrabbiata last night
Pear Cider – any brand
Lush’s The Comforter Shower Cream – berries, bergamot and vanilla, need I say more?
Rimmel Oh My Gloss in Snog – not sticky, smells good, lovely pigments
1940s big band music
The Martian – I saw the movie this week and I am going to start reading the book tonight!

There is a trip to the pumpkin patch in the books and more fall loves. Stay tuned!

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