I knew that it would happen. That I would fall sick after the recent stress at work and also holding my little guy close when he was not feeling well. My ears feel clogged and I feel a general malaise. Thanks, Fire Monkey, for bringing the blah!

We made it to the end of Whole30 just before Chinese New Year reunion dinner where we had a nice spread of food and desserts. But right after that dinner, we immediately went back to eating clean again. This time around (our 5th time), it was not so difficult to stay on it and we definitely acknowledged the benefits of eating better.

What made it easy:

  • All of us (mum joined us) were on the same menu/eating plan so we supported each other through the process and didn’t have to cook separate meals.
  • Preparing and planning for the meals on Sundays made us ready for the week.
  • I created a menu plan for each week and cooked accordingly. We made some big meals so that there would be leftovers for another day. That reduced the amount of cooking.
  • Cleared out our snack pantry and filled it with only healthy snacks like nuts, dates, plantain chips, seaweed, and jerky.
  • Have a repertoire of easy & quick meals that you can easily make. For us, ground beef with veggie stir-fry in Thai curry paste is a favorite, or sardines mashed with avocado mayo and wrapped in seaweed.

I’ve been enjoying these podcasts recently:

  • Dear Sugar – because I enjoy listening to how we can handle different relationship challenges
  • Being Boss – because I dream about being boss one day
  • Stuff You Should Know – because I am curious about stuff

Ok, back to bed for a nap…

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