Mid-week favorites

Wow, it’s March already! Next month is National Lettering Writing month and I am taking on a challenge to send a piece of mail out for every day of the month.

I’m participating in Egg Press and Hello Lucky’s letter writing campaign – Write_On. I donated to their Indiegogo campaign – check it out here!

I have ordered some of these lovely stamps from USPS – Coastal Birds Postcard stamps and these Gifts of Friendship stamps with the lovely cherry blossom trees in DC illustrated.

Been loving the gold trend lately as well – got myself a Midori brass ruler, this Nate Berkus gold Swingline stapler and this gorgeous gold paper scissors that I have had my eye on from Angela Liguori.

I might have to get this trash bin for the office space since it’s brass-y.

Food favorites lately, anything Asian and spicy. Missing Singapore food again. Story of my life.

Drink favorite – Homemade Honey Milk Boba tea. Made with fresh boba.

I listened to this podcast episode that was featured on Love+Radio. It moved me. It’s a story about a mum who is learning to grow with her transgendered 7 year old daughter. My heart felt for this mum and I think that she is so very brave and amazing.

Lately I’ve been thinking about friendship again. I reconnected with an old friend but her life seems to always need attention that I feel that we never talk about me and how I do at all. Sigh. She is an old friend but this is an old habit. How do you find a balance with your friendships? I would like to be there for her but it just seems a bit one-sided. Do I tell her?

Spring is almost here, I’m counting down. 26 days to a sunny vacation. It’s been too long!

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