Stef Snaps: SF Tribute

Today I pulled out a couple of old San Francisco pictures from a trip I took in 2000. It was one of my most memorable trips ever and to this day, burn many memories about it. SF has a place in my heart because I had the luck to live there for a few months, got to know my best friend on that trip and got married 2 times to the same man within a matter of 4 months in that beautiful city.

I will be putting up a couple of pics – they were scanned and taken in a point & shoot camera, but pretty decent shots, I think. Check them out at StefSnaps this week.

Next week, Florida pictures!

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  1. Stef, this is completely off the subject but I made your char siu pork a couple of days ago. Oh, sooooo delicious. Thank you for sharing your recipe’s one of the best out there. I look forward to seeing more SF pictures this week.

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