Fried Prawn Cakes

Inspired by Nigella’s Fried Prawn Cakes and a Thai Fish cake recipe, I decided to make some of my own version – a blend of both recipes.


1 lb fresh shrimp, deshelled and deveined
2 tbsp fish sauce (nam pla)
2 tbsp red curry paste
1/2 inch piece galangal/blue ginger, chopped finely
1 egg
2 tsp dry sherry/Shaoxing wine
8 kaffir lime leaves, finely shredded
2 cloves garlic
1/4 tsp white pepper
1-2 tbsp flour
2 cups vegetable oil

1. Add shrimp and garlic cloves to food processor and process till finely chopped. Add fish sauce, curry paste, galangal, egg, garlic, wine/sherry, lime leaves and pepper. Process till combined.
2. If the mixture is too wet, add some plain white flour so that it becomes manageable to roll into a ball/patty.
3. Heat up the oil in a pan to 375 deg F and fry these patties till golden brown, turning midway through cooking.
4. Serve with a sweet chili sauce (you can find these at Asian markets)


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