I love elephants. I am not sure when the fascination began in my life but if you asked me to pick my favorite animal, it will always be the elephant. Elephants are the epitome of gentleness. I know you might ask why not something that I could keep as a pet (without moving to Africa or India) or something I can even put my arms around… I’m not sure. They are majestic yet not ferocious.

With this elephant fascination, I collected a couple of things here and there to fuel the passion. Most recently I found a box of elephant greeting cards designed by Koco NY. Check it out. I have a collection of Janeen’s cards…I enjoy keeping them as well as sending them out… their distinctive square shape which Hallmark took on for its modern Fresh Ink set of cards…and her use of colors and carefully selected meaningful quotes.

Maybe an excuse to buy this vintage style wire rack to display my collection?