about me

about me stef

I always enjoy reading about people who blog, and what they have to say about themselves. So I decided to embark on my own piece.
1. I am born in the year of the Rat.

2. If you are trying to figure out which one, I’m 43 this August (2015).

3. I used to be a newly married person.

4. My husband is no longer in the military.

5. I am originally from Singapore.

6. I used to work in a company associated with ducks… or just one.

7. I love to cook. But lately, I haven’t been cooking.

8. #7 is justified by the fact that I love to eat.

9. I have a great friend, Cindy Fredericka.

10. I love gadgets. All sorts.

11. 2007 brought me a Treo 680. 2009 brought me an iPhone, what’s next? 2015: still on an iPhone.

12. I have lived in the US for 16.25 years – 2.5 in MA, 0.5 in CA, 0.5 in NC, 1.75 in GA and 11 in WA so far.

13. I am going to live in WA for the rest of my life if possible.

14. I own and live in a beautiful townhome in the city a sub-urb 20 mins east of downtown.

15. I have one older brother.

16. He has a lovely wife and daughter and son.

17. I love gardening.

18. My husband’s names are Mike, Michael, and hunny.

19. My family name is Yau.

20. My name is Stephanie.

21. I am a Leo.

22. My Feng Shui elements are metal and water.

23. I am part of a group called DCG. Really, it’s harmless.

24. I have deep red Honda CRV.

25. I call it Ang Pow – meaning gift in Chinese

26. Yes, I am Asian – Chinese.

27. I work in Human Resources but on the Information Systems side of it.

28. My favorite color is chartreuse green.

29. I love chocolate, esp. milk.

30. I love to eat in general. Does each dish count as 1 thing?

31. I can sew but hardly find the time.

32. I embroider too.

33. I love designing web pages.

34. I like taking pictures, I need to take my camera out more.

35. I love visiting museums. All kinds.

36. I love old jazz especially Ella.

37. My favorite instrument is the cello. I don’t play it though.

38. I used to work with 2 Al’s in the office.

39. My ex-boss looks like a famous actor but I cannot figure out which one.

40. I love poetry. I’ve been published once.

41. I love books.

42. People say I have an eclectic taste in things.

43. I love massages and spas.

44. I want 2 kids. I am happy with the one that I have now.

45. I get along with my mother in law.

46. I used to co-own an online web boutique.

47. I had 3 weddings to the same man.

48. I wish I was a singer.

49. I enjoy going to the theatre for plays, musicals and recitals.

50. My D&D character was a sorceress.

51. If we had a daughter, we’d call her Ella.

52. If we had a son, we’d call him Elliot. We have a son, we call him Sagan.

53. If we had more than 2, we have to think again on the names if Mike doesn’t run away screaming.

54. I was born to Robert and Theresa Yau.

55. I took my first flight to New Zealand when I was 14.

56. My other favorite color is scarlet red.

57. I’m 2″ shorter than Mike.

58. My first dog will be a pug, we’re calling him Scraps.

60. I like coloring books.

61. I love to blog. I’ve built a community around it.

62. Someday I’ll own a little cafe or my own stationery line.

63. If not, I’ll retire as a checkout girl at a cool supermarket.

64. I love the simple life.

65. I wish I could do something creative for a living.

66. I said before that if I had a house, it would have a huge kitchen – I am lucky enough now to have that huge kitchen.

67. I love reading the books I don’t color.

68. I enjoy magazines too.

69. The library is one of my favorite places to visit.

70. Going to the movies is another enjoyment too. Popcorn and all.

71. I am not sure if 100 things about me exist at all.

72. My in-laws are family to me, not “THE IN-LAWS”

73. I love to take trips, especially road trips.

74. I want to visit India, Nepal, Hawaii, Fiji and Scandinavia one day.

75. I love the water.

76. I don’t like flowery patterns too much. Flowers, I absolutely love!

77. My favorite beverage is tea, iced, hot and bubble.

78. My favorite South East Asian country (besides Singapore) is Thailand.

79. I love to doodle. And color.

80. I like candles and essential oils.

81. My favorite flowers are orchids and peonies.

82. I enjoy interior designing.

83. My dad used to manage shipyards. I really miss him.

84. I love going grocery shopping.

85. My favorite TV channel is Food Network.

86. I sleep with too many pillows.

87. My eyes are dark brown.

88. I think poop is funny.

89. I had the Imperial Guard as my Star Wars figurine.

90. I love geeking with Mike.

91. Mostly I wear black things (no, I’m not still in my Goth phase!)

92. I believe in God.

93. I enjoy traveling.

94. I like window shopping.

95. I never knew it was so difficult to talk about myself.

96. I like modern designs with a splash of vintage.

97. I love design.

98. Christmas is my favorite holiday.

99. My favorite time of day is evening.

100. I think I have found my soul mate. He doesn’t complete me. He complements me.