Lamb Shank Stew

Made lamb shank stew today with the fresh lamb shanks we bought from Whole Foods on our trip up to Atlanta. It was good – the recipe was Nigella Lawson’s. Had it with some basmati rice. Yum! Kinda like Soup Kambing {Spiced Mutton Soup}.

Projects Pending

Have a couple of projects to work on when Mike goes back to work tomorrow.

Throw Pillows

Going to stitch the fabric I found at Hancock Fabrics into 2 18″ square pillows for the couch. The couch came with pillows but the colors and design on them didn’t really suit my taste or our color scheme.

Magnetic Memo Board

We bought two flat strips of metal of about 3 feet each. Will attach it to the wall with mirror holders and use it with my proposed marble magnets {instructions and inspiration courtesy of several craft blogs I read daily}

Marble Magnets

Of course, to use the above “board”, I’ll make these wonderful magnets which are being sold for quite a bit in the stores. {thanks megan!}

Elephants all over

It just arrived this morning! My Elephant Wall Hanging that I found at One of the main reasons I got it was because it had elephants on it. But mostly because we had an empty wall in the dining room which leaves it looking very bare.

Remember the nightstand that we’ve been looking for to place in our guestroom? We found a bamboo one in Kirklands. I mostly don’t like the whole safari decor but sometimes I find something unexpected there so that’s enough reason to look. It has elephants on it too.

Book Binge

Went to the library today – some of our books on hold came up on the system and so we went by to pick them up. I got The Life of Pi – Yann Martel, Alice Sebold’s much-talked-about The Lovely Bones, an Eyewitness Guide to Herbs (since I started my indoor herb garden), a wild bird feeding guide (since we put up our bird feeder) and a Hands on Training guide for Dreamweaver (since we’re starting our website). It seems like there are so many things I’m trying to do and learn right now. At times it just feels like I want to scour the entire libraries of the world and memorize every interesting morsel. Greedy me!

Pillow Project

Before we got to the library, I took a slight detour and headed for Hancock Fabrics, hoping to find some fabric for pillows. I found a wonderful one after browsing the entire store as Mike waited patiently with me. Will put up the fabric when I take a pic of the pillows, post-project. For now, it’s a taupe background with dark oxblood red and olive green flowers. Matched our color scheme in the living room perfectly.

Excuse for finger food

It’s Superbowl Sunday! Forgive me but I’m not a football fan nor do I want to offend any fans out there but we didn’t watch the superbowl today. We just got in on the finger food bandwagon – buffalo wings, jalapeno poppers, spinach dip, fried wontons and beer. Instead, we sat down to a movie. The wings were spicy and delicious, the poppers not as expected, the spinach dip was perfect and the wontons crispy and fragrant.

New domain

Mike and I got our new domain today… we’ll soon be working on our website – – will keep you all posted on its launch!

Dim Sum

What is dim sum? A Cantonese term, Dim Sum translates into “to touch your heart”. I never knew what it really did translate to, until I had to explain the term to Mike. It’s hard to define a whole experience. So I decided to take him for dim sum when he visited Singapore.

I remembered it as a child – a huge expanse of a Chinese restaurant where the wallpaper or lights made everything a little rosy, over the audio systerm a crooning songstress belts out her number in cantonese or mandarin, crowded tables of at least 8 persons each, trolleys/carts being pushed around by yelling waiters/waitresses announcing their steaming goodies available and the smell of freshly poured jasmine tea. Once seated, I would zoom in on where the dish of chilli condiment for my dim sum as well as watch as each server ticked our little dim sum card. Except for this card it wasn’t about collecting more stamps/tick marks because that would mean eating too much. There are so many little items in those bamboo baskets which try to catch your attention – siu mai (steamed pork dumplings), har gao (steamed shrimp dumplings), char siu pau (barbecue pork buns), he ye fan (lotus leaf wrapped glutinuous rice) just to name a few.

From where we live now, it’s a little inconvenient to have dim sum on our whim and fancy. Maybe the next trip we’ll take up to Atlanta would include it…bur for now the frozen steamed barbecue pork buns will have to suffice.

Spicy Seat

There is a hot seat in our living room now. One reason could be that it’s in crimson red denim but also because it’s very comfortable and already a much sought-after place in our living room. We went by La-Z-Boy some weeks ag and finally decided to get it on Tuesday. It’s one of their modern style recliners – they call it the Carlyle.

I have a hankering for fish and some seafood. Maybe it was the freshly caught trout I saw on Food TV…maybe I miss the wonderful barbecue crab we had on Fisherman’s Wharf in December. This weekend, I think we’re going to cook some shrimp to appease the appetite. A spicy shrimp curry recipe from Kerala beckons.

Before bed

Blogging from the bedroom is a secret pleasure. Don’t feel like going to bed yet ‘cos I stole a nap earlier today while Emeril was making escargot. Those who know me will not find it unusual that my thoughts are floating back to food. Thinking about what we should have for breakfast tomorrow…Mike suggested making beignets. We bought the mix from Cafe Du Monde when we took a trip down to New Orleans just after Christmas. They are french donuts – fluffy and soft. Much like hum chin paeng which will be more familiar to my Singapore friends.

I miss Singapore but mostly I miss the people I know and love back home. Everyone must be preparing for the Chinese New Year back there. The festivities and preparation for the 15 days of the Lunar New Year always made me happy. Maybe next year we’ll get to go back for Chinese New Year.

Egg-specially for me

This morning my breakfast was a very flavorful omelette – with mushrooms, shallots, garlic, monterey jack cheese, chorizo and sweet thai basil. There’s something about Mike cooking me breakfast that sets a whole different tone for the rest of my day. It was chilly outside so we spent the day indoors.

As we speak, supper is being prepared for me. Being married to someone who shares my culinary enjoyment is true bliss.

aside* {I received my summer loobylu mug today. I really like it.}

Teapress Happiness

We finally bought it! The Bodum teapress that I had been wishing for. The one we got from Crate & Barrel in Atlanta has a translucent plastic handle. I like it very much. Now we have matching Bodum coffee and tea things. Hmmm… the little things which keep me happy. We tried out our loose leaf jasmine tea last night and this morning, earl grey. Milky early grey tea made with creamy condensed milk. The stuff which dreams are made of…

aside* {the teapress needs to be kept warm, maybe I could make a little tea cozy for it?}