Biscuit Getaway

We just got back from our trip to Atlanta. It was for both business and pleasure. The thing with %$#%$&**@ INS had little progress… you can’t imagine how many frustrated people were in that room with us today. Anyhow, we’ll have to get back to playing the waiting game. Keepin’ everything crossed for now.

The pleasurable side of our trip was that we got to taste the most FLUFFY biscuits ever at The Flying Biscuit cafe. Have it with their famous apple butter, sweet, smooth and with just the right tinge of spice. The fried green tomatoes were simply exquisite – so many flavors at once – tartness of the tomatoes, sweet and crispy-ness of its batter and sharpness of the goat sour cream/chesse. Mmmm… it melted away all the stress from the earlier part of the morning.

Now, where were we?

Perfect Sunday

Sometimes it’s when you don’t plan your day that things turn out perfect. We got the bird feeder up in the trees, with rope and a make-shift pulley system. Some birds came by, mostly finches and robins… I did catch a woodpecker.

Oh, after about a month since we moved here, we managed to get our wi-fi router to work again. And that means surfing on the couch 🙂

Guess what we had for dinner? Mike made his famous recipe which earned him his reputation as “chili god” (courtesy of Cindy). A bowl of chili and crackers on a chilly (no pun intended) day, in front of the tv. It does not get much better than this.

Tomorrow we’re off to Atlanta… more treats to tell about?

Green Fingers?

After doing some reading on starting my own indoor herb garden, Mike and I headed out to the local gardening center. We decided to grow our herbs from seeds as there wasn’t a very good number of herbs plants in the store. (We did find a Lemon Thyme which smells glorious… and looks good for the pruning!) The garden will be in the kitchen, planted in a strawberry pot. Will try to post pictures once it’s done.

Having moved from a tropical climate, this is the first time I’m trying my hand at growing herbs. I’ve grafted Thai basil from actual basil bought in the store and that grew pretty well. Picked out some African Violets and found a lovely terracota pot with Bali styling. I’m trying my best to describe it… please be patient for pics.

While shopping for gardening stuff, we decided to pick up a bird feeder to hang outside the trees near our sun room windows. We’ve been seeing many different songbirds flying by. The other day, we even found a wood howl. It stayed for a long while as I watched it. Being close to nature is underrated…you think?


Was reading Another Girl at Play and found new artist featured – Jenny Hart. Her “baby” is Sublime Stitching. Having had some home ec sewing training when I was about 15-16, I decided to explore Jenny’s site. She has a retro style going. The simplicity of some patterns make me want to try my hand at embroidery again. I particularly love her Chinatown designs. They would look cute on linen napkins or perhaps placemats. I think the lotus design is pretty and the asian-style clouds on the left of the dragon make a great motif.

If I do embark on this, I’ll keep all posted. But thanks for the nudge Jenny…


I love elephants. I am not sure when the fascination began in my life but if you asked me to pick my favorite animal, it will always be the elephant. Elephants are the epitome of gentleness. I know you might ask why not something that I could keep as a pet (without moving to Africa or India) or something I can even put my arms around… I’m not sure. They are majestic yet not ferocious.

With this elephant fascination, I collected a couple of things here and there to fuel the passion. Most recently I found a box of elephant greeting cards designed by Koco NY. Check it out. I have a collection of Janeen’s cards…I enjoy keeping them as well as sending them out… their distinctive square shape which Hallmark took on for its modern Fresh Ink set of cards…and her use of colors and carefully selected meaningful quotes.

Maybe an excuse to buy this vintage style wire rack to display my collection?

New Mini

Have you seen the new Mini? I’ve been eyeing the Mini for a while now – ever since I was little girl, my mom would tell me how roomy it was despite its petite stature… I think it’s the sporty way it looks that attracts me. My dream mini would be the Sports version and in a dark metallic green. I wonder sometimes if the Mini would be a fad, much like the VW Beetle. The Beetles come in a number of pretty colors… and I think the new Convertible is an attempt to attract more to purchase a Beetle.

For now, I hope there are more Beetles so Mike and I can keep playing slug bug when we’re on the road…

Moroccan intrigue

We’ve been looking for a nightstand for our guest bedroom. My parents are coming to visit us and we thought it would be nice to have more than just the bed and lamps in the room. For a while now, I’ve been toying with the idea of a theme for the room. Most of the home is in a Zen, minimalist style with touches of the Asian/Oriental. Perhaps it’s me trying to remember my roots since moving to the US.

I’m thinking of a Moroccan wooden tea table. Mosaic is a little too patio-style for the room. Been looking at this one at Urban Outfitters. There are several on ebay but I prefer the wood to not be painted. We’ll see how that goes…

New to this!

Instead of telling you what I’m all about and what’s going to fill this blog, I think it’s better if you take a risk and come back to my blog as often as you like and see what I have to share. I am new to blogging but the excitement of posting my daily random thoughts excite me.